Your Cheat Sheet to CMA Music Festival

A music festival is a fun place to hang out and have an entertaining time with your friends and family, and CMA Music Festival is no doubt mother of all music festival. There is nothing better than having a great summer time along with some good country music, sports challenges, story-telling and lots of other fascinating activates. This sure must have fired you up but wait, you wouldn’t want everything to be ruined by a little mistake, would you

If not, keep on reading the article for CMA Music Festival tips that can save you from corrupt the fun in your experience.

Keep Your Water Intake in Check

Though it is not allowed to carry water bottle bought from the outside of the festival venues, you still need to keep your water intake in check while you walk around the town. CMA Festival usually takes place in the hot and humid month of June, and it gets extremely hot in Tennessee at that time so carry a water bottle around at all times. You wouldn’t want to get dehydrated and spend the rest of the trip to a hospital bed.

Apply Lots of Sunscreen

As already been mentioned, the June will be hot so to protect your skin from the blazing hot sun you need lots of sunscreen. Lather on a generous amount on to your skin every day you go outside and remember to re-apply every now and then. This will help you to secure your experience because obviously being sunburn will ruin all the fun at CMA Music Festival!

Tote Bag or Bag Pack for Everyday Items

Having a tote bag or a bag pack to carry all the items you will need each day of the CMA festival in one of the basic requirement for the protection and availability of these things at all time. Load up the bad every morning with the camera, sunscreen, and your CMA fest tickets, a poncho, water bottle and maybe a notepad or something for taking autographs. What fun is it to go to a music festival and not getting any autographs right? Better ready than being sorry later.

Get Tickets Early

No matter it is CMA festival tickets, your flights or for the hotel you are planning to venture in. it will be smart to book everything in advance. You can get cheap CMA fest tickets from Tickets4Festivals online. is the popular site for festival tickets. It is will be better to book for a packaged deal. Get some of your friends ready to tag along this can save you a bit more on expense.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Nashville is all hills and mountains so get ready to walk accordingly during the CMA Music Festival because you will be climbing up and down the hills all day long. Make sure to wear shoes you are comfortable in not the ones you just bought, the broken in shoes that you have worn and walked in before. Another thing to consider is to be sure to practice walking a lot if you are not used to it otherwise you might have trouble breathing during the trip.

Bring Your Camera Along

It’s a given that anyone attending CMA Music Festival will want to snap one or two pictures of their favorite artist playing. However, you can’t do that if you have not bought a camera can you now? So don’t forget to stuff it in before you leave your house for the festival. If you get to meet a star at the convention center you would want to snap a pic of yourself with him and having a camera near hand can save you the trouble. By the way, video cameras are not allowed at the CMA Music Festival venues, so you better leave them at home.

Plan Ahead of the Festival

If the festival is this huge that means you won’t get to see all the acts. So make sure you check the lineup and stars attending the festival beforehand. This will help you decide who you want to see the most. In fact, make a checklist of everything you want to do at the CMA fest in advance. You can look up the details of the festival on the internet and see what they have to offer, make sure to check out your favorite star and eat your favorite food.

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