Underhill Festival

Blowpop’s Headliners: Krafty Kuts, Zombie Disco Squad & A-Skillz

The long awaited release of this summer’s headliners is partially over. The mystery headliner will remain a mystery until 11th June, but before the end of this week Bristol’s Crazylegs have more to release.

For now, here is Blowpop‘s offering. Catch them on Saturday 30th July at Underhill.

Krafty Kuts

From humble beginnings Krafty Kuts is now one of the big players on the world’s club scene, DJing alongside The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and even the Rolling Stones. And with his recent Back To Mine and Against The Grain Re-Rubs CD raising the bar for DJ Mixes, combined with his continuing residencies around the world, it appears there is no end in sight to the meteoric rise of Krafty Kuts.

Zombie Disco Squad

“Some of the most exciting producers out there” – Jesse Rose
“The Zombies use that rare combination of hip-hop and house that I am always searching for” – Claude Vonstroke

Lucas Hunter & Nat Self are Zombie Disco Squad the multi-talented production duo that are taking house music in a new direction. Taking influences from a wide collection of music from Classic House to Crunk via disco and Street music from Brazil . You won’t find any cheesy gimmicks in their records but what you will find are tracks played by some of the most influential DJ’s and clubs around the globe.


DJ Extraordinaire A-Skillz brings his Jam City records brand to Underhill for a night of organised musical mayhem. Championing new funk, soul & party electro sounds, and with the man himself manning the decks with guests, this will be one not to be missed.

Crazylegs play Underhill, Friday 29th July

While we’ve been trying to clear nettles to facilitate a second emergency exit (glamourous) on site while the rest of the early bird tickets were being snapped up. In other news: watch out for our stickers, 40000 have just been dispersed…

Responsible for packing venues small and large, booking the best up-and-coming with their favourites and Venue magazine’s prestiguous “top club” in their review of the year, we have the dear Crazylegs.

No strict music policy before you pigeon-hole them, they’re into it all, from Baltimore club, US house, Glasgow’s hip hop to Dutch dubstep. For Underhill this summer, the boys have done good, too…

Catch them with their lineup on the Main Stage, Friday 29th July till 4am. We highly recommend you take some time to reaffirm yourselves with the material posted below, get yourselves excited…

FUNKINEVEN & FATIMA (Eglo / Hyperdub) decks / vox set

Plus support from:
EFA (Pollen)
JAMBO (Freejive)
SHANDY (Crazylegs)

OhMan Exclusive Mix

OhMan has thrown together a special Future Sounds Mixtape for Underhill. It’s already receiving a great reception online…


01, Far Nearer: Jamie XX
02, Move On: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
03, Archangel (Boy 8-Bit’s Simple Remix): Burial
04, Too Much Glitter (OhMan! Remix): Jeuce
05, Battle For Middle You: Julio Bashmore
06, Ok! (6T9 Remix): Schenk
07, Charlotte: French Fries
08, Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix): Gyptian
09, Promiscuous Gyal : Dark Sky
10, Pull It (Ill Blu Remix): Shystie
11, Oh My God : Malente, Moston
12, Nexx: Zinc
13, Princess (MJ Cole Vocal Remix): Primary 1
14, Freak Me (DJ Haus N’ Benz/Hot City): Another Level
15, Weedkiller: Seiji
16, Blu Magic: Ill Blu
17, Arpjam: Jam City
18, Playground: Marble Players
19, Going Through Hell (Lil Silva Remix): The Streets
20, Valley Of The Shadows (The Living Graham Bond Remix): Origin Unknown
21, Hold The Line (OhMan! Remix): Major Lazer
22, Get Wild (Redlight Remix): Kano
23, Dirtee Tek: Hatcha
24, United Groove (MJ Cole Remix): L-Vis 1990
25, Theme From Slackk: Slackk
26, Sun & Moon (Seiji Remix): Above & Beyond

Location Upgrade

The interest in the festival has kind of caught us off guard… So much so it has deemed our site near the airport redundant.

The new site is located near the village of East Knoyle in Wiltshire, situated in the southwest of Wiltshire where the countryside blends into Dorset. Much of the area falls under a Conservation Order and is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ridgewood Park is stunning and we’re very privileged to be using the site for Underhill this summer.

We swung by yesterday to check it out, mobile pictures attached. Let us know what you think.

Underhill’s Bristol Connection

The eyes of the world have turned to the UK in recent years and have found some of the most exciting, genre-defying young artists to emerge from electronic music. But while London’s scene can be fractious and hard to pin down, there seems to be something in the air in Bristol that unites its participants. Whether they’re creating dubstep, house, techno or something else entirely, the cross-pollination in Bristol is unique.

Underhill’s lineup illustrates this unique cross-pollination. Many of the faces featured in this video were hunted down before a lineup wish list was drafted. The festival’s decision to use the established promoters of Bristol as a platform to obtain an eclectic lineup are the same crews responsible for the city’s flourishing in recent years, leaving Bristol as a small metropolis – one of the most influential electronic music outposts in the world today.

Underhill Exclusive: Erol Alkan gives us a moment of his time…

Have you heard the one about Erol Alkan?
The humble 12 year old maestro-in-the-making who sneaks out the window of his parents flat to play gigs for a tenner?

About the bearded studio-sorcerer worshipped by bands and DJ’s half his age as a living electronic idol? About the kid in his early 20s who’s founded that Trash night in London where they’re playing Bowie and basslines at the same time?

I heard that he invented the mash-up.
I heard that he created the second coming of French Touch just by remixing Justice’s “Waters Of Nazareth”.
I heard he bought guitar music back from the grave. No, it was electronic music. Or was it reggae?
I heard he once revived a Roland 303 just by looking at it.
Didn’t you hear? He’s bringing psychedelia back?
Wait – I heard he’s bringing Disco back?

Well he’s also headlining Underhill Festival in the West Country at the end of July – there’s an exclusive interview from the man himself, too.

Was it always your intention to get into production, or was it initially all about the DJing?

My musical intentions began with bands, and being a guitarist. I’d always treated Dj-ing seperately as I saw it as a simple way of bringing music to as many of my friends at one given time, I suppose I only really started Dj-ing seriously 6 years ago.. Production has been an extension of what began from being active in bands, and Dj-ing has influenced it a great deal, which may awnser why many of my productions are not club based…

Your Bugged Out / Bugged In compilation was a classic. Ever thought of doing another one?

I already have! I’ve had the 2nd Bugged In mix sitting on my hard drive for a few years now…

What’s the extent of your involvement in the Erol forum these days?

Not much, but I dont really hang around on the internet much anyway. Last time I looked I could see there were some smart kids on there and some budding talents. I never considered selling ad’s on the forum, so I pay for it out my own pocket, I just some kids from there can go out and change the world and make us/me proud.. It’s already happened so it can happen again 😉

They can be a mischievous little bunch sometimes…

Forum kids? Yeah, I suppose so. But if somebody gets a kick out of being an idiot then that’s their choice / problem.

In the past your festival sets always always sported a soulwax remix of MGMT or Chemical Brothers or an edit of Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ – something big and epic. What’s your weapon of choice this year?

Possibly ‘Lemonade’, it just doesnt seem to want to die just yet..

Do you think closing Trash when you did, 10 years after it started, has helped imbue it with that legendary / folklore status it currently holds? If it had carried on… was there a worry it may have slowly but surely morphed into just any old night..?

Yeah, there is that. Die young, leave a pretty corpse.. And ‘decade’ is a beautiful word.. That certainly helped decide when the time had come.. Also, had it got any bigger, I doubt it would have been able to hang onto it’s true values

Were you happy with Durr as a follow up to Trash?

Durrr was always about the new generation, so I had to step away from it and let it blossom in its own way, and it did. Gig’s from Connan Mockasin, Late Of The Pier, Soulwax and Franz Ferdinand were as excellent as any at Trash

What’s your opinion on the changing sound of electro and dance music in general? 2005 – 2008 was arguably the hey-day for that distortion-based sound. Everyone, including many of the electro artists around at that time, seems to have now moved away from it, closer to a more groove-laden, smoother sound…

It needs to develop and change, I suppose we would all tire of the same story if we were read it every night.

Whatever happened to Mustapha 3000?

He went AWOL. We never really got on that well to be honest..

Any plans to team up with Boys Noize again?

There’s about 6 unreleased tracks, when we get them up to a level which we agree is good enough, then we can release them, but not before then!

Do you still spend a lot of time rooting out music?

Yes, but I wish I had more time to do this..

Thank you very much for your time, we’ll see you in two weeks at Underhill!

Underhill Exclusive: Interview with Richy Ahmed

Richy Ahmed is at the forefront of a new wave of British DJs, who are re-defining house music taking cues from disco, techno, funk and hip-hop.

Over the last year British house music has been through a renaissance with a whole new generation of DJs and producers like Robert James, Julio Bashmore, Russ Yallop and Maya Jane Coles quickly making names for themselves. In the midst of this surge of homegrown talent is Richy Ahmed, Hot Natured resident and part of the Hot Creations inner circle. Richy has spent the last two summers cutting his teeth at some world’s best parties including, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, Sonar in Barcelona, The Nexus at Burning Man in the middle of the Nevada desert, Glastonbury Festival’s 40th Anniversary, We Love at Space in Ibiza and the Get Lost and Hot Natured parties in Miami. Playing alongside some of house music’s biggest stars, Richy is regularly tipped as one to watch by the likes of Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus, Clive Henry and Seth Troxler. Hailing from Newcastle in the north of the UK, he still makes regular appearances at events across the UK such as Below in Birmingham, Sankeys in Manchester, MuMu in Liverpool, The Breakfast Club in Bristol and London’s notorious Sunday afterhours institution Kubicle.

Richy, the last couple of years have seen you travel the world from Ibiza and Nevada to Sydney. Where have you most enjoyed playing?
Club Wise, I’ve most enjoyed playing Fabric. I had the priveledge to play there twice in 6 weeks, once in Room 3 for the Hot Natured party and then In Room 1 with Art Department both amazing experiences for totally different reasons. For the one most amazing gig it has to be the Nexus arena in burning man last year.

You have been a rising star on the house scene for while now, where do you see this rise taking you?
I’m not sure hopefully to the top of my game or at least around there. My main aim is to improve all the time and get my sound to as many ears as I can without having to compromise any artistic integrity. playing to big arenas for massive fees is one thing but if it means not playing what I want or at the least what I’m comfortable with then I’m not interested. It’s not all about the dollar with me.

It’s clear you have a wide appreciation for music in it’s varied forms, but who have been your major influences?
My major influences are House, Hip-Hop and Disco. I’ve found that you really pin point your influences when you start producing music then it really becomes more specific what influences you as you work out where certain sounds and grooves come from.

Any plans for an album in the future?
Yes definitely. I want quite a few more strong releases under my belt and to work hard on mastering my keyboard and production skills then in a year or 2 I’m going to start on an artist album. I’ve already started thinking of ideas now and it is going to have plenty vocals from me so that should be interesting, or scary depending on which way you look at it.

As a regular punter what was your best dance music experience?
Probably my summers spent at DC 10 every week from 2002 2005 It is where I developed a real passion for the music and met so many friends still close to me now and who I’d say a good 50-60 % of them work within dance music in some form or other now. Including the person who gave me this interview.

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would that be?
If I had to name one person it would have to be Notorious B.I.G.

Doner or shish?

Ice cream or sorbet?
Ice cream



Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets online through our website, or through Data Transmission, Resident Adviser or Event Elephant (preferred). There are a range of outlets who are also stocking tickets.

Are there booking fees?
Booking fees apply to each ticket bought, but the cheapest and easiest option is to use Event Elephant, click Tickets to buy.

When should I receive my tickets?
Tickets are sent out as an email, so you will receive them immediately. The e-ticket is attached to your email. You need to print this and bring it to site to exchange with a wristband.

I can’t use the tickets I’ve bought, can I get a refund?
Sorry, we don’t refund or resell tickets that can’t be used. You are welcome to request a name change by emailing: tickets@underhillfestival.co.uk

What if I’ve lost my tickets?
Sorry we cannot replace physical tickets if they are lost so please look after them.

Opening Times & Line-Up Info

What are the festival opening times?
Friday 29th July, Campsite open 11.30am, Festival site opens at 12pm. We request that you vacate the site by 12.00 pm on Sunday 31st July.

What time does the music start?
Music begins on Friday 29th at 1.00pm and ends at 4am. It then restarts noon on Saturday and ends again at 4am.

How can I find out who’s on and when?
There will be line ups and set times posted at the entrance to the site and on the different stages and tents.

Travel & Arriving

Where’s the nearest train station?
The nearest train station is Gillingham, Dorset (www.nationalrail.co.uk). There is a taxi rank at the station for you to connect to Ridgewood Park, East Knoyle (just off the A350) which is approximately 5 miles from the station.

Where can I park my car?
All parking is free at the festival and it’s not more than a two minute walk to the festival entrance. There are allocated parking areas for those camping – for everyone’s safety we do not allow cars to unload or stop in roadways or to be parked next to tents.

Is there a coach service?
Yes there is coach service running from Bristol Temple Meads which will cost a meager £6 return. We will also strive to organise alternative, cheap transport for any large groups coming from other regional, or major cities – please contact us on info@underhillfestival.co.uk

Car Share?
We have teamed up with Share2there.

How does Share2there work?
Share2there is completely free for all Underhill Festival attendees.

To use the service, all you need to do is go to the Share2there dedicated Underhill Festival page and click on the

Find people to car share with

You can create a journey as either a driver or a passenger, likewise you can search for journeys where you want to be a driver, or where you want to be a passenger.

You will need to register on your first visit, but this should only take a minute or so.

If you are renting a minibus or a bus and have a couple of spaces, use share2there to find takers and reduce your costs further!

If you are traveling with friends, even better. Just make sure you make it clear how many you are traveling with.

Camping & Accommodation

Is there a special area for caravans, campervans and trailer tents?
Unfortunately we aren’t able to accomodate caravans, campervans or trailer tents this year.

What are the campsites like?
Pretty Sweet – there is drinking water available and recycling facilities. PLEASE, PLEASE try and be conscious of your waste, though the site will be thoroughly cleared there is no replacement for recycling, and we will provide you with special bags for general waste and recycling.

How far is it to walk from the campsite?
Not far at all, you could crawl there.

Do I need to bring toilet roll?
Although we try our very best to keep the toilets well stocked, please bring your own toilet roll just in case!


What are the facilities like for people with disabilities?
Our stewards will do all they can to help you enjoy the festival. Adapted toilets are available in both the festival site and campsite and there’s a dedicated camping area close to the festival entrance. Places in the disabled parking and camping area must be arranged in advance. Please get in touch: george@underhillfestival.co.uk.

Can I have a campfire or BBQ?
Open fires, candles, BBQs, gas, charcoal and Chinese lanterns are not allowed for safety reasons – sorry.

Can I bring alcohol?
Yes, you can bring a limited quantity (for personal consumption) of alcohol to drink in the campsite, but you won’t be able to take it into the festival arena. There will be two well-stocked bars within the festival site. All bars operate a Challenge 21 policy and you may be refused service if you cannot prove your age when asked.

Can I bring my pet?
With the exception of assistance dogs, we can’t allow pets of any kind onto the site, and please don’t even consider leaving an animal in your vehicle on the campsite.

Will there be medical support on site for emergencies?
Yes, a team of paramedics and first aiders will be on site for the duration of the festival, however they do not keep prescription medication so you should bring your supply for the festival.

Are there ever any thefts at the festival?
We have a professional security company on duty 24 hours a day making sure you are looked after in the best possible way, yet inevitably there are thefts reported at the festival.

Where can I smoke at the festival?
You won’t be able to smoke in any of the buildings and marquees at the festival, we have to enforce this law so please respect the no smoking signs.

Is there a cash machine?
No, please ensure that you bring enough cash to see you through the entirety of the festival.

If your question is not answered here or you need more information
email us at info@underfestival.co.uk



Located slap-bang in between Bristol and Bournemouth is Underhill Festival – two days and nights of the finest electronic and Balkan talent appearing from 29th July to 31st July, Ridgewood Park, East Knoyle, in Wiltshire.

Nestled in a natural amphitheater surrounded by dense woodland, Underhill offers an intimate crowd of 2500 people a diverse offering of music and art featuring local food and drink. Catch the brass bands, wobbly bellies and Rakia shots before you bury yourself in one of our circus-style big-top blackout dance tents.


Tickets are now available to buy online. UNDERHILL IS AN OVER 18 EVENT.

Early Bird Weekend Ticket: £46 + Booking Fee (inc. camping)
Standard Weekend Ticket: £52 + Booking Fee (inc. camping)

Booking Fee equals 2.50% of the value of your ticket.

E-tickets must be printed for us to scan and exchange for a wristband at the festival gate. Your ticket is attached as a PDF document with your email confirmation. With your wristband, you have access to both the festival arena and camping area.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable, we are willing to swap the name on ticket purchased though. Send us an email to ticket@underhillfestival.co.uk

Conditions of Booking Tickets

Tickets for Underhill Festival events are sold under the following conditions:
The following payment charge fees apply per ticket for bookings online: Early Bird Weekend Ticket, £1.15 and Standard Weekend Ticket £1.30.

Tickets cannot be refunded or re-sold above face value. Defaced tickets will not be accepted. When exchanged on site, wristbands are non-interchangeable and should not be removed until after the festival.

Without a valid ticket, entry into the festival site/campsite will not be permitted. Early arrivers will not be admitted.
Ticket Holders who are under 21 may be questioned and should bring personal identification.
Underhill Festival is an adult-only event.

No animals (except guide dogs) are allowed in festival site/campsite.
No glass will be permitted.

Alcohol is allowed on site, but not beyond the camping area – there will be licensed bars and a wide choice of food available.

All parking and camping is free for cars, for the date permitted on your ticket only. Ticket Holders must leave the site by noon Sunday.

Anyone requiring use of the disabled camping area must arrange this in advance.

No open fires, naked flames, disposable BBQs or Chinese lanterns on the campsite or in festival site.
The Festival reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, and to vary the advertised programme and timings without being liable to pay any compensation whatsoever.

Photographic, video or audio reproduction of artists is prohibited.

Ticket Holders consent to inclusion in official photographic, visual and audio promotion of the festival.

The Festival reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or annoyance or for failure to comply with the reasonable requests of The Festival.
The Festival reserves the right to search Ticket Holders if there is cause or suspicion.

Vehicles parked at owner’s risk.


Amongst the fields out there lies this years location…

Where is Underhill?

Underhill is located near the village of East Knoyle in Wiltshire, situated in the southwest of Wiltshire where the countryside blends into Dorset. Much of the area falls under a Conservation Order and is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Ridgewood Park is absolutely stunning.

Festival Hours

From noon Friday 29th July, Underhill’s gates will open to the public. Music will commence from later in the afternoon, you’ll have time to get settled in. On Sunday 31st July, the public are required to leave site by 1pm.


Parking is free and it’s not more than a five/ten minute walk to the festival entrance. There are allocated parking areas for those camping in tents – for everyone’s safety we do not allow cars to unload or stop in roadways or to be parked next to tents.


We don’t mind if you bring your own alcohol as far as the camping area – no glass though. In the festival arena two bars will serve reasonably priced, chilled pints. Fingers crossed for some sunshine…


Underhill does not condone the use or possession of illegal substances. Any individuals found in possession of such substances will be evicted from the festival and handed over to the police.


“Having been chosen by Channel 4′s Evo Music Rooms as one of the best UK unsigned around, while touring tirelessly nationally and internationally, 2010 was an awesome year for ATMT. Out of all the festivals and stages where we played, one stands out as a very special memory for the band – when we played at Underhill. Upon arrival we thought the location and the festival itself was a bit surreal; but soon, as we met with the friendly organisers, staff, and the people in attendance, we found the whole experience to be enchanting. We loved it there. It may have been one of the smaller gigs we’ve ever played but definitely one of our most memorable ones – and one of my personal favourites.”



Since the early beginnings back in 1996, Blowpop crew has consistently put on top nights with the cream of DJing talent from home and abroad.

Flying in the face of the house-based music policies of many of Bristol’s big venues, BlowPop put on breakbeat, hip hop and reggae attracting Mr. Scruff, Mark Rae, Jon Carter, the Wiseguyz, Propellerheads, Nightmares on Wax, Renegade Soundwave, and the Freestylers to the early parties.

Since they have continued in their own unique style. Residents today are Stereo 8, Real Nice, Sway 2, Steve Redux and Doctor Moody.


Crazylegs is our clubnight based in Bristol, UK. We launched in 2008 and since then we’ve packed crowds into the city’s biggest and smallest venues, booking the best up-and-coming DJ/producers alongside some of our personal favourites. 2010 was our best year yet, rounded off with Venue magazine naming us “top club” in their review of the year.

We don’t really have a music policy – we’re all into different types of music so we book all sorts. Last year we put on everything from Baltimore club, through US house, Glasgow hip hop and Dutch dubstep, to the top artists in the London bass scene. Our residents come from a variety of Bristol’s best clubnights and labels, and have hosted shows on Rinse, Hivemind and Passion FM.

We’ve thrown joint parties with Mad Decent, Hessle Audio, Urban Nerds, Wifey and Soul Motive, and have received press coverage from Resident Advisor, FACT Magazine, Chew the Fat!, Metro and Venue. Our visuals are handled by a team of local creatives including Devilmode, Daddison, Shifteye and Shotaway.

We Are Your Friends

From humble beings as art college house parties in Bournemouth (Dorset), WAYF has grown into one of the UK’s biggest and brightest alternative club nights. A new breed of club night, born from the love of rock and rave, neon paint, Indie guitars, dirty electro bleebs, big basslines and dub-stepping.

Rated in Mixmag magazine as one of the top 10 club nights in the UK of 2009-2010. Look out for even bigger WAYF parties in 2011 across the UK, starting with Underhill.

Since 2007 they have played host to some of the biggest and best names in dance music including: Example, DJ Zinc, Nero, Jack Beats, Herve, DJ Fresh, Redlight & MC Dread, Foamo, Jakwob, Caspa, Kissy Sellout, Brodinski, Man Like Me, Doctor P, Eddy Temple Morris, A1 Bassline, Tom Starr, Emalkay, Drums Of Death, Chew Lips, Rob Da Bank, Killa Kela, Crystal Fighters, AC Slater, Modestep, Jeuce, Doorly, Jaymo & Andy George, N-Type, Alex Metric, The Mystery Jets, Raffertie, Urchins, Heavyfeet, Martello, Stopmakingme, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur and more.

The Breakfast Club

Parties in interesting spaces with an anything goes music policy brought to you by residents, friends and special guests – it’s Bristol’s Breakfast Club, a modern day speakeasy catering for the early risers and the stay-out laters, serving up the very best in underground dance music to start your day with a smile.

Not just another tech-house crack on – an anything goes musical pedigree brought to you by residents, friends and some very special guests.

Get Your Geek On!

Get Your Geek On are an established DJ collective but also run a monthly club night under the same name at Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth and at Baby Simple, Oxford. Over the past 18 months the GYGO Presents parties at Baby Simple have been gaining a reputation around Oxford as one of the most respected and popular underground nights, bringing together respected DJ’s and producers from around the country with some of the most forward thinking local talent. For Underhill the GYGO boys are going to delving into the deeper side of things bringing you Hesseltime resident at the notorious Trouble Vision nights at Corsica, along with Leisureware co-founder of the Fill Yer Boots blog and club night at Plan B. They will be supported by Oxford’s Queen of disco Angie Walter, Pejhy blogger deluxe Mush and the GYGO boys themselves – keeping you dancing into the small hours.


Balkanarama is returning to Underhill once again to offer a quota of Balkan so dear to Underhill’s heart.
To Underhill they bring mountains of homemade baklava, pots of sweet Turkish coffee, liters of rakija, amazing dance performances and some mean Balkan Beats with live brass.
BALKANARAMA pulls together lots of amazing musicians, from abroad but also from all over the UK (there are usually around 20-30 musicians performing at each Balkanarama – it is packed with live performance!) Exciting, high energy, with high quality of music and an element of madness, it gives audience an opportunity to experience an incredible appeal of Balkan music, to ‘balkan out’! These guys are special.

“Balkan is the new punk!”

The Scotsman (UK)

“You are hit by something utterly alive and you are able to see beyond the shiny instruments, wobbly bellies and rattling drums right into Balkanarama’s heart. And it beats fast and furious”
“A truly unique event” with “some of the finest gypsy-jazz musicians around”
The List (UK)